Management Team

  • Sagar Sawant, CEO

    Sagar Sawant is the founder, and CEO of Cyquent, Inc. Sagar is an entrepreneur, mentor, and a technical leader. He has two decades of experience in developing and integrating mission-critical systems for finance, banking, mortgage, and healthcare companies. Prior to starting Cyquent in 2001, he held leadership positions in both small and large IT consulting companies
    At Cyquent, Sagar is responsible for setting technology strategy and direction for the company. He works with various emerging technologies and their applications in the public and private sector, with special emphasis on web technologies, technology trends, and enterprise architecture. He helps businesses and IT leaders understand changing technology, and identify which technology trends can have a meaningful impact on their strategic vision for the enterprise. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Georgia State University.
  • Niraj Jaipuria, President

    Niraj has two decades of experience in delivery, management and sales in the global outsourced space. Before joining Cyquent, he founded Source Code Infotech (SCI) in 1997 as a Software and IT Services company. He was responsible for building SCI's reputation as a premier products and services with reputed and global clientele.
    Niraj's years of experience in the ONSITE-OFFSITE delivery mechanism for outsourced IT projects has eased distributed implementations for many clients ranging from SMBs and global Fortune 500. He drives the innovation on delivery models and cutting-edge technology development for Cyquent.
  • Kiran T, Delivery Manager

    Kiran has around 17 years of experience in IT industry, managing Projects, Services and Products. His experience spans across project delivery, pre-sales support, building people, processes, and practices for Onsite-Offsite delivery models and across development, implementation & support management for Products. Prior to joining Cyquent, he has contributed in lead technology and management positions at multiple IT Consulting and Product companies.
    At Cyquent, Kiran is responsible for managing Delivery of Projects and Services. He works with various technologies and platforms, with emphasis on delivery models for Cyquent's global customers and specializes in Web, ERP, BI and Custom Software solutions. He has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters in Software Systems.