The Company

Cyquent is a Technology Enabler, providing end-to-end IT Solutions and Services, for organizations in the public and the private sector.

Our focus on providing Solutions and not just Technology, has been the prime distinguishing factor in the success of our clients, and therefore, in our success too.

We recognize that CHANGE is the only constant. We understand that staying on top of emerging technology trends is essential for driving innovation and helping our clients accomplish their business goals.

Our employees have a clear mandate to ensure success for our clients, not just a technology solution.

  • Customer centric delivery models

    Customized to individual customer needs with full visibility throughout the engagement.
  • Partners in Ownership

    Passionate sense of ownership in the engagement results in meeting timelines, exceeding expectations, and ensures success of the project.
  • Domain Expertise

    Our domain experts bring decades of industry experience, which translates into guaranteed success for the engagement.
  • Technology Expertise

    Skilled professionals with expertise in various areas of technology.
  • Discipline of Processes

    Cyquent has been a pioneer and an early adopter of iterative development and Agile methodology. Our vast experience of using Agile methodology successfully across a broad spectrum of projects is a key differentiator for our clients.

Cyquent's Quality Policy

Cyquent's commitment to Quality is embodied in our Quality Policy which is outlined below.

  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and providing solutions to exceed their expectations.
  • Establish effective processes and systems, designed to meet all safety, quality, cost and delivery objectives of the business.
  • Promote a culture of Continual Improvement in our business practices, led by Top Management.
  • Maintain a skilled, knowledgeable and accountable workforce through individual competency development, effective communications and employee engagement.