SMAC - Social Mobile Analytics Cloud

Technology evolves at the speed of thought. Cyquent has continually invested in being a front-runner on cutting-edge technologies of today.

Technology consumption patterns of today emphasize more than ever, the key factors of:

- Omni-person
- Omni-platform
- Omniscience
- Omnipresence

These FOUR factors respectively are the genesis of today’s Technology Stack rightly baptised as SOCIAL-MOBILE-ANALYTICS-CLOUD (S.M.A.C.)

Building applications of today, across one or more of the tech stacks of SMAC, requires not just technology expertise, but also a maturity of experience and clarity of understanding.

Cyquent has stood strong at the thresholds of technology evolution for over two decades. The collective experience of our team spans across multiple technology revolutions, and our constant desire for retransformation best positions us to be early adopters to newer trends in technology.

We have been instrumental in contributing to the initial blueprints of many a startups in the SMAC space. Our clients look at us not just as architects and solutions designers, but also as functional and market consultants. It is this completeness of consultancy offerings that makes us a one-stop shop for product startups in the SMAC space.

Cyquent was building Mobile Apps even pre-iOS and pre-Android. We have assisted global clients to build mobile applications on Symbian and Windows CE devices in the early 2000’s. Our concept therefore, on small-screen form factors are cemented way beyond mobile apps got popular.

Cyquent’s own Analytics product offering, BIRetail , is a cloud-based Analytics product available on the mobile and web platforms. It is a testimony to our belief in the technologies that will shape the world to come. This product developed with our own in-house product engineering team, provides ample confidence to our clients of Cyquent’s investment and expertise in the SMAC space.

Cyquent has been abreast in the evolution of “cloud” applications since the days of “Application Service Provider (ASP)”, which was the true pre-cursor to the “cloud” apps of today. Our earliest projects in the ASP stack goes back well 15 years ago.

Be it Social, Mobile, Analytics or Cloud, we have a plethora of experience and offerings. Talk to us, we will be glad to share our experiences, and shape yours!