Beameum brings precise location based technology to museums and other institutions with public exhibitions thereby allowing museums to provide an entirely new navigational experience to its visitors. The exhibition app that we build as part of our service has a rich content administration interface that populates all the exhibition items in a central database. The app calculates where a visitor is standing in the exhibition and shows relevant information on exhibition items based on the visitor's proximity to the exhibition items. Location-sensing beacons are included as part of our service.

Beameum has the following key advantages for museums and other institutions:

  • Opens up a whole range of possibilities for visitor engagement
  • Breaks down barriers between the physical and digital user experience
  • Beacons allow museums to provide context to visitors in a manner that has never been possible before
  • Provides a great way to engage millennials and increase museum traffic
  • Delivers a mobile experience that is contextual, relevant and convenient