Staff Augmentation


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Today's IT executives are challenged with conflicting priorities such as shifting market trends, a shorter application management cycle, staff turnover, a lack of skilled resources, economic downturn and reduced budgets. Our staffing services not only allow you to respond to specific IT skills they take into account all of the procedures related to staff management- candidate identification, skills review, background check, payroll and benefits, insurance, statutory compliance, employment taxes, etc.- enabling you to focus on your core business. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and consultants. Our emphasis on the client-consultant relationship helps us meet and exceed client expectations, providing rewarding careers to our consultants. While you focus on managing IT initiatives, we identify and deploy the right talent to meet your resourcing needs.

Our "Right-Fit" Process

Cyquent follows a 7-step proven, repeatable, metric-driven process of identifying and deploying the right talent that best fits your IT projects. We start by reviewing your staffing needs and developing a sourcing plan based on your current and future IT initiatives. Using our pool that comprises thousands of consultants nationally we ensure the 'right-fit' of qualified candidates for your projects. The 'right-fit' process measures the candidates' skills and expertise against your desired skills. We then score their technical expertise and communication skills. The 'right-fit' rating is a function of these criteria.

  • Step 1: Listen

    We diligently practice the underrated, often forgotten art of listening. We know that when it comes to finding the right fit, understanding our client's culture is as critical as the skill set itself. We take the time to get to know our clients, their culture, and their organization. We want our clients to see us as their trusted advisors and not as vendors.

  • Step 2: Understand Requirements

    We spend time with our client's managers one-on-one to uncover technical requirements as well as soft skills preferences such as communication, personality etc. We feel that unless this step is done right, none of the other steps matter. In order to accurately find the right candidates, we need to gather as much information as possible about the requirements. We try to spend as much time as possible on this step. Although all staffing companies make this claim, our clients tell us that we often ask the right questions that other companies don't bother to ask.

  • Step 3: Search Qualified Candidates

    Our specialized local and global recruitment engine is dedicated to proactively recruiting active and passive candidates with diverse technology skills. In addition to ongoing training on emerging trends and newer technology, each of our recruiters specialize in a set of technology skills, enabling them to become experts in finding the most qualified talent for your specific project. This search process applies cutting-edge e-recruiting techniques including search techniques like job-board search, employee directories, mailing lists and newsgroups, discussion forums, associations. We have built a large searchable database of highly qualified candidates based on technical skills and functional expertise. This database includes past and present consultants, as well as any consultants that we have networked with, as part of our recruitment efforts. We augment this list by utilizing additional resources including personal references from existing consultants and industry specific job-boards. We provide clients with regular updates regarding the status of the search.

  • Step 4: Test Candidate Skills

    We carefully screen and qualify all potential candidates to assess their qualifications, technical skills and the potential to succeed within the new environment. The technical screening of a candidate is done by not just a technical recruiter, but also by one of our existing consultants who is well qualified to evaluate candidates in the specific technologies required for the position at hand. This rigorous testing ensures our consultants are qualified to meet client needs. We also use Skillometer, Brainbench and other testing sources to validate the consultant's skills on specific technology areas

  • Step 5: Perform Reference Checks

    All our candidates are thoroughly reference checked before being presented to the clients. Since most reference checks are always positive, our reference checks questionnaire is carefully designed to elicit positive and negative responses from references. For example, we have found that if we ask "Does the candidate have any negative qualities", the answer almost always is "No". But if we ask "Since nobody is perfect and everyone has room for improvement, what are the areas in which you feel this person can improve", we find that we can often succeed in engaging the candidate's reference in a more open discussion about the candidate's positive and negative qualities. We also use third party credential verification services to perform independent background checks.

  • Step 6: Interview Candidates

    We ensure that candidates are fully briefed about the exact requirements of the position as well as the company's background and culture prior to the interview. We work with selected candidates to arrange the interviews. Cyquent executives conduct the final candidate screening with a review of all information gathered throughout the 'right-fit' process. The executive also reviews candidates past experience with the project at hand and asks specific scenario-driven questions to determine how a candidate will approach a specific real-life technical issue or a difficult situation. On the executive's approval the 'right-fit' candidates are submitted for the client's interview. We also conduct post-interview debriefings to formulate subsequent action.

  • Step 7: Follow Up

    Our service extends well beyond the placement of the candidate. We stay in close contact with all parties during the transition period to ensure the client and the candidates are the right-fit. We also check in with our clients on a periodic basis to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the engagement.